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Left Handed March MP3

This piece was commissioned from Brian by Daniel Figgis for three performances as part of the Snakes and Ladders festival in the National Concert Hall Dublin, Wexford Opera House, and SymphonySpace in Broadway. The piece is loosely based on the descriptive piece Máirseáil Alustrum from the Canon Goodman collection of music from the Munster region. The first and second parts are reworkings with new arrangement of two parts of Máirseáil Alustrum. The third is an arrangement of the melody Steornabhagh / Stornoway originally a psalm melody from the Western Isles of Scotland. The last piece is newly composed.

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This is one piece from a series recorded by Brian using some of the melodies used to sing the Psalms by congregations of the Church of Scotland and the Free Church in the Isle of Lewis. The melodies which were originally from the Lowlands or England (with the exception of 'Stornaway/Steòrnabhagh'( an arrangement can be heard on Left-handed March) went through a process of acculturation in the Gaelic communities of the Highlands in terms of ornamentation and in some cases adjustment of the scale. They are well worth hearing in their original form in church with precentor and congregation and neither harmony nor instrument . As of December 2011 the Free Church allows both instruments to be used and Hymns to be sung and perhaps the tradition will not last much longer.This piece attempts to convey some of the emotional impact of the congregational singing.

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Baroque 2000 in St. Olaf',s Durban

This is an excerpt from a few of Turloch O'Carolan's tunes performed with the Baroque 2000 ensemble in St. Olaf's church in Durban South Africa in October 2004 finishing with Bach's minuet in G. The concert was recorded for South Africa FM.

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Remix of Balintore

This is a remix of the Balintore Fancy which features on the Album Tionchar / Influence. The remix is by Daniel Figgis/Educution


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